KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel API

With the Vestigingsprofiel API you request specific information from companies from the Trade Register.




vestigingsnummerstringBranch number. Unique number consisting of 12 digits.



vestigingsnummerstringBranch number. Unique number consisting of 12 digits.
kvkNummerstringDutch KVK number. Consists of 8 digits.
rsinstringLegal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number
indNonMailingstringThe Company does not wish to receive unsolicited advertising by mail or doorstep sales.
formeleRegistratiedatumstringThe most recent mutation date, for example a name change or address change, of a registration.
materieleRegistratieobjectStart and end date of a company in the Business Register.
statutaireNaamstringThe name of the company when articles of association are registered.
eersteHandelsnaamstringThe name under which a company or establishment trades.
indHoofdvestigingstringIndication if main branch. Value is "ja" or "nee" (yes or no).
indCommercieleVestigingstringIndication if commercial branch. Value is "ja" or "nee" (yes or no).
voltijdWerkzamePersonenintegerNumber of full-time employees
totaalWerkzamePersonenintegerTotal number of employees
deeltijdWerkzamePersonenintegerNumber of part-time employees
adressenarrayList of adresses. See Address table for structure.
sbiActiviteitenarraySBI activities (code, description and main activity indicator). Code description of SBI activities in accordance with SBI 2008 (Standard Industrial Classification). No maximum results. See also www.kvk.nl/sbi.
linksarray1. Link to current query.
2. Link to Basisprofiel (based on KVK number).


The data structure of an address from a Basisprofiel hoofdvestiging or Eigenaar query.

typestringCorrespondence address and/or visiting address.
IndAfgeschermdstringAddress shielded (Yes/No).
volledigAdresstringfull address.
straatnaamstringStreet name.
huisnummerstringHouse number.
huisnummerToevoegingstringHouse number addition. For example: 1 or A.
huisletterstringHouse letter addition. For example: M.
toevoegingAdresstringFree text to describe an address in detail. For example, when one is located in a multi-company building and there are several floors and/or rooms.
postcodestringPostal Code.
postbusnummerintegerMailbox number.
straatHuisnummerstringStreet name and house number.
postcodeWoonplaatsstringPostal code and town.
geoDataobjectBAG ID, GPS coordinates, and national triangulation coordinates.