Release notes KVK Handelsregister Zoeken

On this page you find the Release Notes for the KVK Handelsregister Zoeken API.

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Release 2.0

29 January 2024

De Zoeken API has been updated from version V1 to V2. Improvements have been made to make searching more easy and clear. Adjustments have been made to the query parameters and output domestic and foreign addresses, among other things.

Read more in the migration guide

Release 1.6

28 November 2023

The API Zoeken has been migrated to the new index of the KVK Handelsregister. There are no changes in the data structures.

Release 1.5

26 October 2022

A new field 'Type Adres' has been introduced. Use this to identify whether the address in the search results is a correspondence or visiting address.

Release 1.4.1

10 August 2022


The combination of error message, IPD code and HTTP status code you received was not always correct. This has been resolved. See the documentation for possible error codes.

Release 1.4

17 March 2022

When you search by the name given in the articles or trade name, the name you are looking for is now shown in the 'handelsnaam' field. If you do not search by trade name, but for example by zip code, the first trade name or name given in the articles will be shown in the search results.
Since the previous release it has become possible to search by zip code and house number. The parameter huisnummerToevoeging has been added. You can use 1 to 4 characters (letters, numbers, special characters: -, +, space).

Release 1.3

27 January 2022

You can now search by zip code and house number, possibly in combination with other search parameters. If you search by zip code and house number, the search result will show huisnummer, huisnummerToevoeging and postcode. It may be a visiting or correspondence address. If you search by RSIN number, this will also be shown in the search result.

Release 1.2

10 December 2021


From 10 December, only active branches and legal entities will be displayed as standard search results. This reduces the number of results and increases the efficiency.

To be able to display inactive branches and legal entities as search results, a new parameter has been added: ‘inclusiefinactieveregistraties’. If this parameter is used, the search result will also give an indication whether or not the branch or legal entity is active or inactive. If the branch or legal entity is inactive and was deregistered prior to 22 May 2010, there will be no link to the API KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel and KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel.

Release 1.1.1

1 November 2021


If you use unsupported query parameters in your API query, you will get an error notification.

The previous version ignored invalid query parameters. You may have used an invalid query parameter in one of the KVK APIs. The result you got would have been based on the valid parameters that were present, wrongly suggesting that all parameters had been used. This would have led to unexpected or wrong results.

After the 1 November release, an unsupported query parameter will yield the HTTP response code 400 (Bad Request), with the following error notification:

"meldingen": {
"fout": [
"code": "IPD1999",
"omschrijving": "De volgende opgegeven parameter(s) is (zijn) ongeldig: [lijst, van, ongeldige, queryParameters]"

Check the supported query parameters per API in the swagger (OAS) files on the Testing page, to be found via our API product pages, or in the manuals on the Support page.

Release 1.1

1 October 2021

If you search for a trade name or statutory name, the expired names will also be browsed. That way, both the old / expired name and the current name will be displayed when you search for an old trade name, so you can be certain that it concerns the same organisation.