Release notes KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel

On this page you find the Release Notes for the KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel API.

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Release 1.4.1

10 August 2022


The combination of error message, IPD code and HTTP status code you received was not always correct. This has been resolved. See the documentation for possible error codes.

Release 1.4

17 March 2022

Formal and material registration date fields are now also shown in the main block.
Website is shown in the owner block if there are no branches.
List of trade names is now also shown in the sub-resource main block.

Release 1.3

27 January 2022

Previously, the BAG data (geographical coordinates) were only shown in the API KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel. From now on you can also use the geoData parameter in the API Basisprofiel. The data can be seen in the top level of the API, in the sub-resources /eigenaar and /hoofdvestiging. If there is no main branch, the addresses (visiting and correspondence addresses) of the legal entity are shown in the Owner block.

Release 1.2

15 December 2021

The visiting and postal addresses are shown under the header ‘Owner’ if there are no branches. If there are branches, the API does not change. The visiting and postal addresses of the ‘Main establishment’ will be displayed.
The field ‘Address addition’ has been added to the ‘Address’ block. This field gives extra information about the address. For example, there may be more than one branch at the same address in a communal building for businesses. An additional description of the location can help to differentiate these branches. For example: 3rd floor, room 315.

Release 1.1.1

1 November 2021


If you use unsupported query parameters in your API query, you will get an error notification.

The previous version ignored invalid query parameters. You may have used an invalid query parameter in one of the KVK APIs. The result you got would have been based on the valid parameters that were present, wrongly suggesting that all parameters had been used. This would have led to unexpected or wrong results.

After the 1 November release, an unsupported query parameter will yield the HTTP response code 400 (Bad Request), with the following error notification:

"meldingen": {
"fout": [
"code": "IPD1999",
"omschrijving": "De volgende opgegeven parameter(s) is (zijn) ongeldig: [lijst, van, ongeldige, queryParameters]"

Check the supported query parameters per API in the swagger (OAS) files on the Testing page, to be found via our API product pages, or in the manuals on the Support page.

Release 1.1

1 October 2021

The extensive legal structure is now displayed. For example: if you look up a cooperative, you will see if there is limited liability (BA) or legal liability (WA).