KVK is continuously improving its services. We try to take the needs of our visitors into account as much as possible. The KVK websites therefore use cookies. We need your permission to place these.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information that a browser stores on your computer, smartphone or other device. With so-called tracking cookies, the information is also stored on the server of the website provider or on the server that and subdomains use. For example, you can automatically log in to a website using cookies. And we can see how you use our websites and improve our services accordingly.

Cookies are not harmful to your computer and are active until you delete them. You can easily arrange this yourself via your browser.

KVK handles the data obtained with care and ensures that the processing thereof complies with applicable laws and regulations. KVK is not responsible or liable for the cookie use of third parties, such as the responsibilities of the websites to which the visitor can link or otherwise use, such as providers of social media including Kampyle, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and such.

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