Factsheet Zoeken API v1.5

The factsheet contains the input and output values of the Zoeken API.


The input query can be constructed from one or more (combinations of) the following parameters:

  • KVK-nummer (KVK number)
  • RSIN (Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number)
  • Vestigingsnummer (Branch number)
  • Handelsnaam (Trade name)
  • Straatnaam (Street name)
  • Postcode en huisnummer (Postal code and House number)
  • Huisnummertoevoeging (house number addition is optional)
  • Plaats (Place)
  • Type (Filter per type: headquarters, branch or legal person)
  • Inclusief inactieve registraties (Including inactive registrations with possible values True or False. Default value is False.)
  • Pagina (Page, default value : 1)
  • Aantal (Number of results per page, default value : 10, maximum: 100)


  • Pagina (Page)

  • Aantal (Number)

  • Totaal (Total)

  • Link naar Vorige pagina (link to previous page)

  • Link naar Volgende pagina (link to next page)

  • Resultaten

    • KVK-nummer (KVK number)

    • Vestigingsnummer (Branch number)

    • RSIN (only shown when RSIN used as input)

    • Handelsnaam (Trade name)

    • Type adres (address type: correspondence or visiting address)

    • Straatnaam (Street name)

    • Huisnummer (House number, only shown when used as input)

    • Postcode (Postal code, only shown when used as input)

    • Plaats (Place)

    • Type (Type)

    • Actief (Active)

    • Links

      • Link to first search result: _self
      • Link to Basisprofiel (link to KVK Handelsregister basisprofiel based on the KVK-number)
      • Link to Vestigingsprofiel (link to KVK Handelsregister vestigingsprofiel based on the Branch number)

      If deregistration has taken place before May 22, 2010 then there will be no links shown.