Billing and subscription

  • Yes, the limit is 300,000 queries per month at a rate of up to 100 per second.

  • You pay a monthly fee of € 5.65 per API key for the connection. If you use the KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel or Vestigingsprofiel, you pay € 0.018 per query. KVK Handelsregister Zoeken is free. Want to know more about rates? Then check the product pages on the Developer Portal.

  • Yes, when it comes to your own applications, no when it comes to the applications from the Developer Portal.

  • With the WW code you can only log in to On the Developer Portal you log in with your chosen username and password.

  • Go to the Developer Portal, fill in all the details and request an API key/connection. Do you want to request an extra API key? Then follow the same steps. You will receive a new contract because it is currently not possible to request multiple API keys under the same contract.

  • You can cancel an API subscription in writing. Send a letter to your Chamber of Commerce regional office or an email to: Keep in mind that a letter will take longer to arrive and that this can result in an (extra) month transition and subscription costs.

  • The agreement continues until the last day of the following calendar month and ends thereafter. For example: if you cancel on November 2, the agreement will continue until December 31.

  • At the moment it is not possible to transfer an API subscription to another Chamber of Commerce number. You can cancel the old connection and then request a new one.

  • Please contact the Internal Sales department. Send an email to: or call: 088 585 34 34.

  • Please contact the Internal Sales department. Send an email to: or call: 088 585 34 34.

  • Yes, that's right.

  • View the sample invoice (Dutch only).

  • Your payment details will only be used for payments for use of the KVK API. Your data will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for other KVK payment processes.

  • KVK APIs are exempt from VAT. You will receive an invoice without VAT.

  • The Chamber of Commerce (KVK) uses direct debit as payment method for the KVK API or sends an invoice with a payment term.

  • A sample agreement, the service guarantee, and terms of use can be found at the terms of use.

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