Billing and subscription

  • No. Keep an eye on the number of inquiries yourself to avoid a high bill.

  • You pay a monthly fee of € 5.20 per API key for the connection. If you use the KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel or Vestigingsprofiel, you pay € 0.016 per query. KVK Handelsregister Zoeken is free.

    Want to know more about rates? Then check the product pages on the Developer Portal.

  • Yes, when it comes to your own applications, no when it comes to the applications from the Developer Portal.

  • With the WW code you can only log in to On the Developer Portal you log in with your chosen username and password.

  • Go to the Developer Portal, fill in all the details and request an API key/connection. Do you want to request an extra API key? Then follow the same steps. You will receive a new contract because it is currently not possible to request multiple API keys under the same contract.

  • You can cancel an API subscription in writing. Send a letter to your Chamber of Commerce regional office or an email to: Keep in mind that a letter will take longer to arrive and that this can result in an (extra) month transition and subscription costs.

  • The agreement continues until the last day of the following calendar month and ends thereafter. For example: if you cancel on November 2, the agreement will continue until December 31.

  • At the moment it is not possible to transfer an API subscription to another Chamber of Commerce number. You can cancel the old connection and then request a new one.

  • Please contact the Internal Sales department. Send an email to: or call: 088 585 34 34.

  • Please contact the Internal Sales department. Send an email to: or call: 088 585 34 34.

  • Yes, that's right.

  • View the sample invoice (Dutch only).

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