Overview of cookies

This website uses cookies. Below you will find an overview of the cookies we use, the information that is stored, the domain where the information can be used and when a cookie gets deleted.

Measure web statistics

Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter KVK) uses Google Analytics on this website, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”).

Google Analytics uses “analytical cookies” (text files placed on your computer) to help analyze the use of the website. With this information, KVK can improve the quality and effectiveness of its website.

For the use of these analytical cookies it is not required to first request permission from website visitors, provided that the KVK complies with the 6 steps included in the manual ‘Privacy-friendly setting of Google Analytics’ of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

KVK meets 6 steps and informs you about this as follows:

  1. KVK has entered into a processor agreement with Google.
  2. KVK has set up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly manner, meaning that the information is anonymized as much as possible. The IP address consists of 4 so-called octets of 3 digits each. KVK has chosen to mask the last octet of the IP address.
  3. KVK has disabled the option “share data with Google” in the default settings of Google Analytics. This means that the information collected is not shared with Google or others. KVK has also not allowed Google to use the information obtained for other Google services.
  4. KVK informs visitors to its website about the use of Google Analytics.
  5. KVK has disabled the User IDs feature in Google Analytics.
  6. KVK informs visitors to its website about how Google Analytics is being used.

Read more about Google Analytics

_gaFor identifying unique visitors..kvk.nl2 years from set or update
_gat_UA-2727515-59For regulating communication with Google Analytics..kvk.nl10 minutes from set or update
_gidRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistics on site usage..kvk.nlafter visit
CSRF-TOKENTo prevent cross-site attacks..kvk.nlafter visit
isAuthenticatedTo check if you are logged in..kvk.nlafter visit or logout
kvk-devportalTo retreive user data after login.kvk.nlafter visit or logout
routeTechnical cookie to route network traffic within the developer portal..kvk.nl24 hours

Insight in usage of webpages

By using a tool called Hotjar we collect information in so called heatmaps. This way we can see how a page is being used. We store what kind of device is being used, the clicks on a page, the mouse cursor's movement, and the scroll depth. The heatmap give us a quick visual overview of usage of the site.

session_start_timeTo store the time when a visit started..kvk.nlafter visit
k_visitTo save the number of visits..kvk.nl1 year after setting
k_push8To save a choice to participate..kvk.nl1 year after setting
push_time_startTo store the time of request to participate..kvk.nlafter visit
_hjDonePollsTo keep track of completion of a poll..kvk.nl1 year after setting
_hjIncludedInSampleFor saving that a visitor is part of the generated Heatmap..kvk.nl1 year after setting