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  • Because the old APIs Handelsregister Search and Profile work differently from the new APIs, we have prepared a schema that details how the new APIs function.

    You use the API KVK Handelsregister Zoeken to find businesses, for example by name or location. Each search result has a built-in hypermedia link to the API KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel (in which queries require a KVK number) and/or the API KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel (in which queries require a branch number) for requesting additional information. This is known as HATEAOS in REST.

    Example use of new APIs

  • As of 1 April 2022, these APIs will cease to exist:

    • KVK Handelsregister Search
    • KVK Handelsregister Profile

    These are the new APIs that take their place:

    • KVK Handelsregister Zoeken – search by KVK number, street, place name, or indication main office / branch office.
    • KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel – request general company data, based on a KVK number.
    • KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel – request specific company data per office, based on the branch number.
  • The API KVK Handelsregister Search allowed you to search and request basic data. The API KVK Handelsregister Zoeken can only search. Use the new APIs KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel or Vestigingsprofiel to get information.

    For reasons of privacy, you can no longer search by postal code and/or house number, or to do an all fields free search.

    More about the differences between the APIs Zoeken and Search

  • The API KVK Handelsregister Profile allowed you to request extensive business details. You can still do so using the API KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel. The API KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel provides basic data.

    More about the differences between the APIs Basisprofiel, Vestigingsprofiel and Profile

  • From mid-2022, it will be possible to search by postal code and house number again. These are all the search options in the KVK Handelsregister Zoeken:

    • KVK number
    • RSIN
    • Branch number
    • Name
    • Street and city
    • Postal code and house number (new)

    Postal code and house number are not displayed in the standard search results, unless they are the search parameters.

  • Searching will work a bit differently from what you are used to. First, you look up a business with the KVK API Handelsregister Zoeken. Then, you get the information from the other two APIs. The API KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel uses the KVK number that was found. The API KVK Handelsregister Vestigingsprofiel works with the found branch number.

  • As a rule, only active registrations are displayed. Do you also want to view inactive registrations? Use the parameter 'inclusiefinactieveregistraties'. The search results will include the information whether a branch or legal entity is active or inactive.

    You cannot get information for a branch or legal entity that is inactive and has been deregistered since before 22 May 2010.

  • The costs have partly remained the same.

    • KVK Handelsregister Zoeken is free of charge (API KVK Handelsregister Search cost € 0.008 per query).
    • If you use KVK Handelsregister Basisprofiel or Vestigingsprofiel, you pay € 0.016 per query (the same as API KVK Handelsregister Profile).

    Want to know more about the tariffs? Check the product pages on the Developer Portal.

  • No, these APIs will be phased out. You can use them until 31 March 2022. New clients will not be connected to these.

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