Test the KvK Handelsregister Search

Want to try our API?

Click the Login button on the top right. Use the Username and Password shown below to log into the portal as a test user. When logged in you will be able to access the Swagger documentation!

Username: testourapis

Password: testourapis

By using our test swagger you can perform the same types of search requests as you would when using our actual KvK API’s. The only difference is that our test swagger does not use our regular data set but instead consists of a set of fictional data. Below you can find the KvK numbers (and the corresponding legalform) that are included in the dataset.

You can also directly interact with our test API's by using the endpoint shown below (without logging in). In the manual you can find all the available input and output parameters.

Example query: https://api.kvk.nl/api/v2/testsearch/companies?q=test


Test dataset:

69599084 - Eenmanszaak 69599068 - Stichting 90001966 - Onderlinge Waarborg Maatschappij
90004841 - Eenmanszaak 90000102 - Stichting 90003179 - Vereniging
68727720 - NV 69599076 - VoF 90000749 - Vereniging van Eigenaars
90004760 - NV 90005368 - VoF 90001745 - Maatschap
68750110 - BV 90002636 - Coöperatie 90003942 - Commanditaire Vennootschap
90001354 - BV 90001532 - Kerkgenootschap 90002148 - Overige Privaatrechtelijke Rechtspersoon


  • API URL : https://api.kvk.nl:443