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KVK Handelsregister Profile

With KVK Handelsregister Profile you can search for a company (with search criteria, such as the Chamber of Commerce number, branch number and RSIN). The result is an extensive set of data about this company.

Costs of KVK Handelsregister Profile

The rates for the KVK API Profile consist of a fixed rate for the KVK API connection per month and a rate per API call. The table contains information about the rates, as included in the financial regulation (for more information, see kvk.nl/tarieven).

KVK API connection (= API key):

€ 5,15 per month

KVK Handelsregister Profile:

€ 0.016 per call

API Plan


300.000 per month

Rate limit:

100 per second




Parameters KVK Handelsregister profile