API overview

Here you'll find a overview of all the API's KvK is offering. Every API is asociated with an API plan



API NameTypeAuthVisibilityStatusVersionApps
KVK Handelsregister Profile v2OtherAPI KeyPublicEnabled2
KVK Handelsregister Profile v2 TestOtherNonePublicEnabled2
KVK Handelsregister Search v2OtherAPI KeyPublicEnabled2
KVK Handelsregister Search v2 TestOtherNonePublicEnabled2

Account Plans

Plan NameQuotaRate Limit
Search & Profile
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The Search & Profile plan is the default Account Plan automatically assigned by the system to all new developers.

Associated APIs

  • KVK Handelsregister Profile v2
  • KVK Handelsregister Search v2
Unlimited quotaNo rate limit

API Plans

Plan NameQuotaRate LimitAvailability
Prerelease BR300000 hits / month1 calls / secN/A
Production Plan
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The Production API plan provides an appropriate API service level for applications in production.
300000 hits / month100 calls / secN/A
Large-scale consumer plan2500000 hits / month100 calls / secN/A